Your best choice for cooling system in the greater Cairns area

Air conditioning & refrigeration solutions on any scale

Since 1989 J & R Refrigeration has developed a reputation as a leader in cooling system in the Cairns regional area. J & R Refrigeration ensures its customers’ assets perform to peak potential, minimising disruptive downtime, energy consumption, and overall costs

24-hour Breakdown Service

J & R Refrigeration combines the expertise of a professional-service organisation with the experience of local technicians to help keep your air conditioning and refrigeration on-line and operating all day, every day.

J & R Refrigeration can also supply emergency air conditioning or temporary refrigeration for emergency situations.

Tailored maintenance programmes

J & R Refrigeration’s specialists in Cairns will conduct a maintenance inspection of your site and work with you to develop specifications and schedules to determine the type and frequency of maintenance required.

his means that your maintenance schedule suits your situation perfectly, and results in lower costs and higher efficiency.

Custom-designed programmes

Our tailored maintenance programmes can be designed to:

  • Extend the life of the unit or plant
  • Ensure functional reliability when it is needed most
  • Reduce energy consumption and running costs
  • Improve air quality
  • Ensure minimal disruption to services and functionality while maintaining occupant comfort and productivity